Have BBand from Virgin. Also have a Netgear router. We have a desktop and several laptops around the house.

    Last week, wireless went off. Desktop is working fine. When I try to reconnect on any of the laptops, cannot see the Netgear, or my connection in the list, so cannot set up the wireless. I can use some local unsecured connections temporarily.

    BIG problem is that I just cannot find the Netgear CD. Have been to the Netgear site to try and sort it but was not very helpful....I am not very techy. (I think I could probably remember my password but it was written on the cover of the CD!)

    Really NEED my wireless back because I have a VPN work connection and this is causing me huge grief.

    I have no idea why or how the Wireless decided to disappear.

    Any advice appreciated guys


    You can plug a cable into it, this is the only way you can investigate your problem and you should be able to work like this until you sort your problem out

    This may sound obvious but it sometimes solves the problem if you switch the router off and back on again. Otherwise get the ip for your router off google and log on and check settings there.

    You can view and update the router settings by opening this web page:

    As the other guy said, resetting the router is the first step. If this doesn't work, you should be able to log onto the router from your desktop which I assume is wired in which is why it is working. You won't need the disks. Try typing into your browser address line to access your router locally. The logon and password will prob be generic i.e. administrator and password. You can hunt around in the setups to see if wireless is enabled. The router should have a light on the front to say if is or not. It's possible your router has failed though.

    If no joy, try calling virgin, they may be able to help even of they didn't supply the router.

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    Thank you soooo much guys xxx

    Re the 192.0.1 link. Just get unable to connect message (have also tried typing in the link). No conncetion, although connection to everything else is OK.

    Will try some other suggestions in the meantime
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