Wireless keyboard + mouse

    This is my first post so please let me know if there are things I have left out/need to add.

    I am looking for a Wireless keyboard and mouse setup for my PC. I don't mind which brand but I've heard Logitech are probably the best.
    I'm looking to pay anywhere up to £50, but a lower price suits

    Any recommendations (especially with money off at the moment) will be great!!



    I've got a Microsoft Laser one from pcworld

    Really good value at £45, also use quidco to save 5%. This was nearer to £90 a few months ago


    I got one from Lx Direct.You can use the discount codes on here + theres 4.5% cashback from Quidco.

    Link: LxDirect

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    This is the LXDirect one, I can probably get £13.50 off - I think it looks nicer than the Microsoft option.
    Will it still work to a good standard at up to 2-3 metres away?

    Any other ideas anyone?

    You could go for a bluetooth one...

    Original Poster

    You could go for a bluetooth one...

    Is bluetooth much better - and will I get one in that price range?

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    Hi guys,

    I havent had any replies about a bluetooth setup, is bluetooth much better than the other wireless option - and can anyone think of a good deal.

    If not I'll probably buy the one from LXDirect listed above.

    Thanks for your help
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