Wireless modem router that works well?

Can anyone help?
Looking to get a new wireless router with built-in modem to connect my laptop,pc and xbox 360 too. I have broadband through Tiscali currently running at just over 2mb. (My current Modem wireless Router is a D-link as is causing too much trouble and keeps disconnecting)
? any good models out there with good prices ?

Cheers Chris


Hi there, depends upon how big a house you have. If its a fairly small area I'd recommend a Netgear DG834G as its cheap and just works. If you need to cover a larger area I'd look at some of the (pre) 802.11n kit.

Original Poster

Cheers Mate, small 3 bed house. min area covered the only thing i need is a good contection.:)

Avoid LinkSys is my advice. Mine has been a nightmare. The Netgear recommended above has had good reviews, but I am interested to know if I can block the kids visiting certain types of sites. You should be able to on the LinkSys, but it has never worked for me.
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