Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set


    This isn't my highest point of expertise. I want to buy a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard set as a present for someone on Friday. Black in colour, and basic is all in needs to be. Doesn't need a million and one different buttons and functions.

    Anything you would suggest?


    not very basic. but they'd be impressed…460 only £83?

    what's your budget?

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    Hmmm. Not quite.

    Also, needs to be compatible with Vista Basic. Just been looking on eBuyer and found a nice mouse ... to discover it's not Vista compatible.

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    Like I say, whatever gets the job done. Cheap as chips. But if £50 was the cheapest price I could get it for I'd pay £50 if you understand...

    the software that comes with mice with programmable buttons may not be compatible with vista. but the mouse/keyboard will be.

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    Something like this?:…140
    £15.68 delivered.

    you wouldnt get it before friday. (super saver)

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    Bet I would ... always get it within 1/2 days with eBuyer when I've ordered on Supersaver...

    live in sheffield?

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    Only £1 more for Thursday Delivery, will order with that one :-P

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    Nope, miles and miles and miles away ...

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    Hmm, has potential waterloo. We don't have a Staples, but a local town I'm visiting later does...will have a look before I order from eBuyer ...
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