Wireless N Cable Router with Gigabit?

Found 23rd Jun 2008

I've just got my hands on a XPS laptop with an Intel Wireless N card.

I currently use my Linksys Router to manage my home network which takes quite a beating with various protocol servers and Torrents. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good router which can fulfill the following

* Wireless N
* Gigabit Ethernet
* Port forwarding (to different ports, i.e. external port 80 to server port 8080)
* Handle many IP connections for Torrent software
* Fully compatible with Intel card (read that some suppliers have compatibility issues with Intel cards)
* Makes the tea

My current router runs DD-WRT which is good, but only 54g and 100Mbps LAN.

Any ideas? By the way, money isn't too much of an issue (well, within reason)



I recently bought the D-Link DIR-655 after my Linksys died on me and I am really please with it.

I think it does everything that you listed (apart from making the tea).

Have a look at the following link for a decent review.

I'll second Jagsheer

The DLink 655 is about as good as it gets at moment.
Can be had for around £90

Try Apple Airport extreme
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