Found 2nd Mar 2010
Hi are these possible to buy?

It is for a msi wind. Also what are they meant to do apart from making the net faster?

Can you really notice the difference with a N card in speed?

My net is 20mb with virgin



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I dont really know what they do. Just got the heads up from a friend telling me that its worth having a N card, if your using a N router.

Forgot to mention that i am using a wireless N router, but i dont have the N card

They also give you a longer range.

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So is it worth getting one?


So is it worth getting one?

Depends if you are having problems with range,You can get the cards for approx £15, i actually have one somewhere that i bought for a MSI wind and never fitted but now i cant find it ,Another thing is that the Msi wind only has 2 aerials and to get full usage you need three aerials ,Unless you are having trouble getting a good signal through stone walls or at the bottom of the garden i wouldnt bother,


Might be better off looking at your router if you have bad signal issues, or where it situated

N in itself wont make your internet faster at all
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