Wireless Net problems!



    Have finally got Vista on the computers at home! Well now I installed the WiFi Max on it so my laptop etc can connect throught the internet i.e. using my PC as as Access point.

    I have had to install Vista drivers etc....but the main problem is that now I can discover the network and can see the MAC address of the laptop so they are btoh discovering each other...but do not understand why I still cannot access the just says unidentified network!

    Any ideas please....


    Have you set the network on the PC that connects to the internet as allowing others to use the internet through that connection?

    Also, make sure you have the wireless network on the laptop set to Peer to Peer and not to access point.

    Easiest thing to do is go through the troubleshooter in Windows, you'll be surprised how much it actually helps with this sort of problem.

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    Hye Browni!

    Yup on the PC which connects to the internet..I have chosen the option on Local are connection 2 as other users can connect through this comp to the net etc but then I have the wireless icon next to it which shows unidentified network...

    Both PCs are connected as they have detected each others but its the bloody net...have tried the net wizard but it shows as connected.

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