Wireless Network Card (Laptop) - Long Range

    Hi there goes we have set up a wireless network but my laptop's card is being a serious pain (well it always has been). Im looking for a new one, price range around £50 i guess, any techs or any1 know of any good ones?

    Much appreciated.:santa:


    look on ebay for ubiquiti

    These have a 300milliwatt rating (far surpassing EU law at 100mW but only any good if your wireless router/access point is also powerful really but still helps) and more importantly working with linux live cd aircrack allowing you to access and use WEP networks.
    That card which is £60+ on ebay with a £10 9dB wifi antenna, you might need a pig tail cable converter as the ubuquiti card uses MC antenna ports and you will have a powerful setup.

    Generally speaking you need an antenna on a wireless network card for it to work long range

    I'm surprised your laptop one is so poor as inbuilt laptop ones tend to have a nice large aerial all around the tft lcd screen which is half decent.


    would be far superior, but a speciality card has boosted power and more options.

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    thanks for your responses guys. Really appreciate it, does any1 else have any ideas, can reccomend a card or has any experiance, thanks.:thumbsup:
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