Found 18th Aug 2010
No idea whats wrong here but

I usually connect wirelessly at work to a friends router

Today I've came in and can't see the network at all. Got about 10 wireless networks showing but not his, so the wireless card etc is working ok.
He hasn't changed any settings or anything.
Refreshed network list still not there

I can connect to his network using another laptop and he has 2 pc's connected in his shop, so his end is ok too.

I thought maybe the signal was low for some reason so have tried the laptop right next to the router, still not owing it.

Anyone any idea what could possibly be wrong?

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Unplug it for a minute and then try again.

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tried that

Is there a limit to how many networks can be displayed on your laptop? Have you tried removing some of the other networks to see if his pops up on the list?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling your wireless adapter via device manager.

(Example above) Just right click the WiFi device and hit uninstall. Make sure you have the driver CD/software handy before you do this. You should be able to download it from the manufacturers website. Then reboot the system, reinstall the drivers and any software that it comes with.

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not sure if theres a limit but can't delete them
ive tried adding it manually but still nothing

Unplug for at least 3 minutes !!
Try changing router channel if this don't work.

1st and most obvious. If your laptop has a button to disable the wireless broadcast then switch it back on. A lot of Laptops can disable wireless this way (either a button or a FN + F key combo)

Depending on your windows, go to Control Panel - Network Connections and double click.
Find the Wireless Card their and right click on it. Select Properties and click on the Wireless Networks settings (may be in advanced tab). From there you can change the priority of Wireless Networks you have previously liked to, or delete any networks stored. Delete your friends network from here and come out. Now connect as normal and reenter any security key.

If its a older HP DV6000 or DV9000, there was a recall order - Wireless cards dying are common (actually the motherboard).

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tried everything above but still nothing

This laptop can connect to other wireless networks fine - right?
Dcx says you can (you can scan for them), but I didnt see it in your description at all. You state other laptops can connect.

I assume your IP is set to automatically assign your IP number on the network (the default).
Also make sure any firewall software you have is disabled (temp), and scan for Spyware and Viruses (Spybot and AVG will do it).
Go to you Control Panel - Internet Options - and set the Security back to default. Also go to Connections Tab and Click on the Lan button. Check to see that nothing is ticked here. There has been some spyware going around that has been setting up a proxy server that bounces back to the home address. Even after you remove it, it leaves this setting and you can't connect to the web (admittedly, it would still see the network).

Try setting up a new user for your windows (admin rights) and check to see if it works under a new user account.

I personally would try the driver route and reinstall. Just get the settings all returned to fresh.

If your not confident, and depending on the wireless card.
If your using HP Wireless assistant or similar - ditch it in favour of the normal windows Zero Config Mode.

If you are using Zero Config Mode, then try reactivating the Wireless Cards utility and use it instead (there is usually an icon near the lock in the system tray - right click on it). My Belkin N card only runs on my router, when you use the Belkin software - were as I normally choose to use the Windows Zero Config mode.

If this laptop can't connect to other wireless networks, you may have a hardware problem. Assuming its an internal card - Open the trap door at the bottom of the laptop and check the Aerial wires are still attached to the wireless card - there are usually 2 a black and a gey and they simply clip on. A New internal card can be bought from a few sites - about £12-£20 card

If its a USB, try a different dongle - they break.


It can connect to other networks fine, so I wouldn't bother messing with … It can connect to other networks fine, so I wouldn't bother messing with the drivers.

So what do you suggest?

dcx - I did say in the note, he can scan, but I was wondering if any would actually connect. It wasn't a dig. I simply want to know if the laptop can operate normally on another network. It sounds highly unlikely the problem relates to the router.

The reason is that there may be a security setting that has been tampered with.

This is why I suggested as a temporary measure create a new user and try to connect under it. Some spyware can leave setting changes in the local users settings. A newly created account will reset these settings. The Proxy server trick for instance can be checked for (I've fixed 3 laptops with this little trick in the last 3 months) using this method. This is how I found it.

I also agree with phearfactor - my initial reaction would be to have removed the driver and put it back on. It's not difficult, if you can download the driver from the laptop manufacturers site (using other pc) or you have the cd handy.

As with all fixes for unusual problems, its simply trial and error - eliminate the easier stuff first.

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