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    I've tried searching but can't find an answer. I've got an O2 wireless router that's plugged into my ADSL connection.

    Is it possible to then connect an old O2 or Sky router wireless to my main router wirelessly and then run something off the second router through a network cable?


    I doubt the O2 router supports that as its just a basic one, and the Sky one definitely doesn't (if it's a Netgear DG834G, which I'm pretty sure what Sky's routers are..)

    is this what you want to achieve?
    Sorry for the crappy ilustration!

    If so, then this can be achieved by getting a router (router 2) which supports Bridging. This is a feature of the DD-WRT firmware, so get any router which supports it (list on their website) and install it. You then enter the SSID of the main router into router 2's settings then it'll connect to it wirelessly.
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    Yup, thats what I was planning on doing.

    I'll have to look into getting a different route then lol.

    Thanks for the info

    Do you really need to link them wirelessly?

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    Do you really need to link them wirelessly?

    Yes I do

    I have that exact setup (o2 router, ddwrt second router bridging to the o2 box) and it works fine. just remember though that its not very 'efficient' as it halves the network throughput to the second router (but unless you are doing massive file-transfers around your network it probably wont matter / be noticeable). Certinaly I use iPlayer from a client on my second router and it never stutters, its worth getting an N spec router though to get a more reliable/stronger signal.

    Also, would it not be possible to just buy a wireless adapter for the device you're looking to get connected to your wireless network?

    The second router basically acts as a big network adapter. I have a bridged router which I plug into my Xbox when I want to go online, as the router cost a tenner and the official wireless adapters were £30+ at the time Poor man's wireless adapter is what it is!

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    its for an xbox i want it lol and don't see the point in paying £30+ if I can use my current hardware. I've looked around and can configure the old sky router but the o2 wireless box iv isn't compatible with it where as it looks like the o2 wireless box ii might but but didn't really want to start using that as my main router as i hard no end of problems with it.

    i have an o2 v4 as my primary, and a ddwrt client as the bridge

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    i have an o2 v4 as my primary, and a ddwrt client as the bridge

    i've also got the 02 v4 as my primary and tried using an old sky router that appears to let me set it as a repeater but no matter what i do, it doesn't see the o2 router. Think its because the v4 doesn't allow you to activate wds where as the v2 does
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