Wireless pc issues.

Another one of these threads yes but I dont know whats wrong.

My router is under 20 meters from router and almost in a direct line but a sofa is in the way.

Also tried another router and it wouldnt connect either despite both routers having a 3-4 bar signal.

It was connected last Wednesday and I used the Sky router for 2 days but tried my own as thought it may be better but stopped using it as it was getting slower speeds then started using Sky one again.

Neither router works with my desktop but laptop does.


As a rough guess, I'd imagine "wireless reception problems" might yield over a billion results on Google. Give it a shot, there's a ton of things out there that you can try that will work to improve the situation.

That, or just be a man and use wired.

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I prefer wired but dont have a long enough cable at the moment, did order one from Ebay and hope it arrives tommorow since I wasnt getting full speed wireless anyway(capable of 18 and a half meg which is about 17 with normal loss) and when I tested ethernet with laptop got 17 meg but wireless on both when they work is exactly 12 though I have to change the wireless channels most days.

Have you tried changing the channel the router transmits on? Most have a default channel of 6 and if you have a few neighbours all transmitting on the same channel it can interfere and stop yours (and theirs) from working well.


Check the channels on the desktop computer. Go into the device manager and find the wireless card. You can see the channel then. You can log into the sky router and see what channel it is transmitting on. They should match. - Also, if you have a belkin etc on the desktop, try using the windows zero config setting, this sometimes works better than their softwares for hooking up to the networks.

I'd say problems with the wireless card in the pc or dongle (whichever your using) would have a plitter with the settings and try and change the priority system on it.

Try updating the driver for the wifi card on the desktop.

Also are you using windows own wifi software to detect the router or a crappy one that came with the PC? Two of my family have wifi issues and one uses Acer wifi software and the other uses Toshiba.

Finally, this may sound stupid, but are you sure your connecting to your router and not a neighbours (accidentally) and did you type the WEP/WAP key in correctly?

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Thanks for all the replies, I have recieved my ethernet cable today but wanted wireless as back up.

I have tried randomly changing channels on router and the only difference that makes is if the laptop or desktop do connect it keeps the speed a constant 12 meg instead of the speed being up to 12 meg.

I finally got the desktop working last night by pointing the aerial flat backwards from pc, but today that doesnt work and I need to place it verical but that only gives 4 meg(at least it works)

Though dont know if thats because either its bad weather or I live next to a very busy road in town centre.
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