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Hello All

i was wondering who could find me the cheapest wireless print server.

i need to connect one printer to it via usb. i would like one from a good reliable brand. its to go with my netgear wireless router.

Also i was wondering if you could get one which would allow you to connect up an external hard drive to use as network storage??? (:roll: If not there should lol :roll: )

Thanks in advance and i look forward to looking at your deals :wink:


Netgear makes quite an interesting device WGPS606, which got USB print server, wireless and Ethernet hub.
You can connect your printers (2) to it, and if you want to put your external hard drives on wireless network then you might look at Slug (aka Linksys NSLU2, which converts USB hard drives to Ethernet).

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Thanks for that info!!

the Slug looks interesting and has got me thinking. i am now looking for a wireless print server (the one you suggested has extra ports that are not needed) i'm looking for a wireless one that only connects one or two usb printers/devices.

To go with that i am looking for a wired ethernet storage hub that allows the connection of two usb hard drives to it. i did look at dedicated network storage, but its a lot more expensive and with the ability to connect up external hard drives it makes it easy to upgrade!!

If anyone could help that would be great!
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