wireless printer

    Can anyone recommend a good wireless printer? Easy to use and not to pricey on the refills! Itl mostly be used for printing quotes and invoices!


    HP with insta-ink service. Cheap to buy, cheap monthly ink contacts and decent quality prints.

    Ricoh mono laser printer, usually can find one under £30

    If your doing lots of printing you need a wireless laser printer

    Definitely the laser option - I've faffed around with inkjets for years and only just realised I can get a laser printer for £30! I've got the Ricoh one that's always going cheap, however I couldn't get the wireless features to work for love nor money, it's fairly complicated (I'm not thick, but not especially technical, spent hours troubleshooting and gave up) so I've ended up plugging it in via USB and it works perfectly. Most people seem to get it working though, but it's not always an easy install.
    Definitely avoid ink jet though, worst things I've ever owned whether cheap or expensive!
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