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Found 21st Mar 2011
Looking for a good reliable wireless printer. Fed up of the one i have at the monent which never works!;(

Does not need to be one of those ones where you can print anywhere in the world or whatever, just need one so everyone in my hosue can print via wireless.

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Go for Epson SX515. Good all in one printer and cheap printer ink....

Check the old posts and there are deals for this printer for about £45.00... I bought 2 months back and highly satisfied.
How much you looking at spending? My wireless printer is out of this world lol x
HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A - £157.30 delivered then claim £50 cashback from HP and 3years on-site replacement warranty service.

- wired/wireless LAN and USB
- duplex printing and scanning
- digital sender function (can file scanned documents as PDFs to a folder on your computer/NAS or emails them)
- colour fax that can forward incoming fax-mails as emails
- very very very economical to print with (black cartridge lasts for ~ 2000pages)

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Brother are very good. I use the DCP-375CW all in one, about £80-£90 and Ink stes from eBay £2.50 a set of 4.
Works great.
I have a Cannon Pixma MP560 and my Brother has the MP640. Both are excellent. They are ideal if you print photos and the MP640 does CD as well. If you are printing on paper the copy is perfect and colours vibrant as well.
stokes - just an idea before you actually spend any money,

can you get into the web management webpage of the printer itself and set the ip address manually?

if you, or a techie friend, can set the ip address of your existing wifi printer to static or fixed ip address, it should work every time without a hitch once set up correctly.

I had a friend setup mine, and its given at least another year of life to my trusty old hp 1320nw

Good luck!

Summoner wow stunning deal there on the 8500A, can this printer do efax?
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Just looking for a plain simple wireless one between 30-60? maybe. Some of those prices are out of my depth haha. The main use will just be printing word files/pictures as needed for A-Level revision. I'll also look at the ones suggested.

I'll be rinsing the ink on this badboy, so i prefer a make with cheap ink:)

@smiler - The current one i have now is not even wireless - sounds like a mower, thanks though.

Thanks for the help everyone;) if anyone can find anymore near my price range i'd be happy.
stokes for £35 delivered you cant do better than this really:


you can even print on this baby from school and youll have your emails waiting for you at home!

Check out the youtube video
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Very tempting at that price! That would be helpful, seen the video but it looks like its made mainly for pictures?;(

Always been told that HP have cheap printers due to higher costs in ink?

piccies yes AND text too. Get yourself to a currys or comet and ask for sample test pages of all the el cheapo printers there to compare. Thats what i usually do. Usually photo printers have higher resolutions than text only printers. As an owner of a HP AIO photosmart printer I can say the print quality for text is very good, but best you judge for yourself in a store first.

As for ink cost, Flipd said it best,
Flipd - Mar 12, 2011 05:05
"£25-ish for a set of genuine ink cartridges but compatibles available from around £7.50 delivered a set so strikes me as being a rare occasion when a HP product may have comparable ownership costs to Epson / Canon models. Nice find = heat."

you wont find better stokes for the £

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Did you know that you dont need a Wireless printer to print wirelessly? Only saying this as it might save you a bit of money. All you do is buy a printer with a network connection and connect it by wires to your wireless router. Then, because you are connected by WiFi tp the router this is the way you connect to the printer. Its all very simple and make it loads easier to share if there is more than one of you in the house

amazon.co.uk/Del…S62 a laser printer :-)
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tyke excellent idea! um how do you get other computers to print to the printer thats connected to the router? got a link for an idiots step by step guide in Windows 7?
Hi Smiler

You simply use the install CD that is supplied with the printer and it will find it on the network..."simples"

Actually my Printer I have at home is a HP MF1522 Scaner/Printer/Fax etc...

To connect to this printer via Windows 7 is a doddle and I didnt even need the CD that came with the printer. In windows 7 you "add a device" tell it to look for a printer on the network, it finds it and interrogates it to find out what it is , looks on the Windows Update site (al by itself) and installs the drivers :-) All those Windows knockers that Use Ubuntu cant do this LOL

See this useful video :-)
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Thanks tyke - you're a star!
Ah okay cheers for all the info,will most likely get that one;)

Although i am worried due to hp ink costs, might go for a higher price one with cheaper ink?
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