Found 30th Apr 2008
I know nothing about what to get.
Can anyone suggest the best/cheapest solution.
I am on virgin media cable broadband, and will be using laptop, ps3 and wii through it.

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Search for " Zoom X6 " on
I did, and it's the best for what you stated.


Search for " Zoom X6 " on did, and it's the best for what … Search for " Zoom X6 " on did, and it's the best for what you stated.

This has to be used with other product to make use of its extra speed.

You would be better of with something like a D-Link DIR-615 £50 from ebuyer. The range is much better than 802.11g and supports pre-n for if or when your computer supports it. It also comes with an 11 year warrenty!

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Thanks for the recomendations, is there any specifics i have to look for to make sure it workds well with virgin, laptop, ps3 and wii?

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Thinking of going for the D-Link DIR-615, can anyone find a cheaper price or recommend a better router?

The buffalo airstation is very good and would do the job.…8-1

Gets good reviews too.

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Thanks the d-link looks slighlty better spec.
I have found this…AXY which is £44.50 delivered, is it different to the other d-link?
Also found the other d-link cheaper on pixmania with quidco discount as well.
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