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    I have a wireless modem router connect by a cable to my main PC. I also have a wireless modem (unused). If I connect the router to the PC instead will it pick up the wireless modem router signal if I move it to another location? I don't want to open the package if it wont work, so I can sell it on eBay.


    best post a bit more detail such as make and model numbers makes a big diff
    but in theory yes it should be possible depending on those details

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    The modem router is a Belkin G (54g)
    The router is Belkin G+ (54g)


    The modem router is a Belkin G (54g)The router is Belkin G+ (54g)

    look on the box for the PROPER model numbers ya idle sod

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    look on the box for the PROPER model numbers ya idle sod

    LOL. That's me told

    Modem Router: F5D7632UK4A
    Router: F5D7231UK4

    well good news is that model of router does support wds bridging, bad news is it can't do it with wpa encryption.
    If this is important to you then there is a problem.
    Do you think security is a top priority for where you live?
    After initial setup (security etc)turn all devices off and switch the modem/router on first then the router then the pc, leave a min between each startup.

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    Thanks maddogb. Yes, WPA is important as we live in a built-up area. Thanks for your patience and assistance. I will try to sell the router on.

    Some revisions of the F5D7231UK4 router are listed as ]DD-WRT firmware compatible.

    Even if it currently doesn't support the "wireless bridge/client" option, needed for your scenario, installing the alternative firmware would give you that feature.

    Upgrading firmwares is however NOT for the faint hearted.

    I suggest selling the router and buying a set of homeplugs instead. Less hassle and you will have a perfect connection all the time.
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