Wireless Router

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a wireless router as my current one (a D-Link DSLG604T) keeps loosing signal and is a just a big headache.

    I would like a router that is:
    108 Mbps
    a/b/g Compatible
    4 Network Ports
    ADSL routing
    Good signal strenght
    Easy setup

    My budget is about £40-£50 or less



    If you ditch compatibility to 802.11a then just about any ADSL router will do. May I ask why do you need 802.11a and not, say, 802.11n (OK, pre-n)?
    Also, does it have to be 108Mbps? Do you have network cards that not compatible with 125Mbps systems? I know that neither is standardized but I guess people here need to understand your requirements better.

    Original Poster

    Sorry what I ment is that it should be a bit backward compatible.
    I have 802.11g USB adapters and built in cards. 802.11a/b are not really needed.
    I'm not sure about what the cards/adapter can handle, I didn't know they were limited, I thought they could pickup any bandwidth.

    I'm not very wireless network literate :oops:
    But i have 3 computer and a laptop that need to be wirelessly networked.

    802.11a isn't a predeccessor for 802.11b but rather sort of parallel standard. It is operating at 5Ghz rather than 2.4GHz, that's why I asked you whether you really need it.

    Now... to your business. You can buy ADSL router for about 50 quid (like this one for example. Or you can configure your existing DLink to work in ADSL modem mode (or DMZ if you wish) and buy cheaper Cable/DSL router like this one.
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