Wireless router for an ethernet port?

    Need help...At uni, we just have ethernet ports to connect to for the internet. Is there a type of router that can be connected to it to make the internet wireless? If so, what kind of router?


    If you meant at UNI then Check with your IT dept.
    A lot of UNI's make it a condition that you do not use wireless while connected to their system.

    Other than that yes there are wireless routers

    Any router made for Virgin Media connections will do the job as well as some ADSL routers

    Wouldn't a wireless access point be sufficient?

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    Well I can find other protected access points. The port in my room doesn't work, and hasent since i've been here. I've reported it twice so they can go twist!

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    Well i got the router but when I connect it up, they detect the router not allowing me to use the internet. I'm currently having to use another laptop to share the internet to the router but that means that the laptop has to be on all the time for my computer to get internet. Surely there must be another way around this? Ask4 internet sucks...

    Did you have to register your computer's MAC address with them when you moved in?

    If not then it's probably a configuration issue rather than anything else.

    What are the first 2 sets of numbers of your IP address, when you connect the computer to the network port?
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