Wireless Router Help!

    My old Netgear DG834G is old and needs replacing - it has been stood on twice!!

    Can anyone suggest a decent replacement. I wish to connect wirelessly to a PS3 & Laptop and ethernet to another 2 Desktops.

    Have been looking at this but has had mixed reviews:…8-4

    Any advice much appreciated.


    The Rangemax is good but firmware updates are a little thin on the ground! I would get something that can run OpenWRT or DDWRT like the awesome Linksys 54GL - solid little overclockable router - power will easily get down to both ends of my house at full 54Mbps (100 ft) when running at 250mw

    Highly recommended!

    I also have a Netgear DG834G and I want to replace it as I feel it is not giving us our full net speed etc. I was looking at a Netgear Rangemax model as I have been told AOL only runs properly with Netgear routers, my OH wants a model that lets the IP address change the same as the DG834G has been doing.....Any suggestions?

    I went for this one recently and its great, easy to set up and works great…159

    Linksys 54GL with DDWRT and you can't go wrong.

    Cracking free phone helpline in US (not outer Mongolia or some such place) they will take as long as you want to help you through any problems.
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