Wireless router help?

    I bought a wireless router a while ago, it was a Belkin Wireless G Plus. The exact model is F5D7231-4 ver. 2001UK.

    When I power it on, I know it's working as I can find a wifi spot instantly. But when I link it into the Ethernet, nothing changes; there is no network connection.

    Do I need any configuation, I thought its plug and play? I've reset it quite a few times already - but doesn't help.


    Are you saying that you can connect to the internet over wifi but when you plug into ethernet you get no connection ?.

    log into router and turn on DHCP and set netcard in pc tcp/ip to auto assign. Try different cable

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    I'm saying that, without ethernet - while it creates a wifi spot - the access point naturally doesn't have access to internet. Nevertheless proving the router works.

    When the ethernet is plugged in, I still don't have access to the net.


    How do I log in?

    just connect to, then use username of admin, and leave the password blank?

    Currently at work, but will try when I get home.

    ^^ yup ...

    If you can ping that IP address, then you have a connection between your PC or laptop and the router. As post 3 says you should set your network card to be DHCP

    To ping the router, click start, run and type "cmd". In the black window, type ping If you get 4 replies then you're connected between your PC/laptop and router but not necessarily configured properly for the internet.

    You connect to it via browser, just type in the address line

    This is assuming the router is plugged into your phone line and you've got a live broadband connection...

    prob silly question have you tried using different ethernet cable just to eliminate that from the start?
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