Found 28th Apr 2007
Just about to install my new wireless router and a total novice ,sp sorry for the daft question- but- do i have the computer off or on whilst i connect everything up ?

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No normally the router comes with an install cd just insert that without connecting the router to your pc and follow the instructions

Did you buy the Belkin Catwoman?

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Someone told me the cd causes a lot of problems and its easier to follow the paper instructions ?
Its a Linksys wag200g

Thats what I did and had no problems with the use of the cd but hey hum

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Hi, Is yours the same one ?

Ah Linksys, can't help you I am afraid, don't know enough about them

As you are on ADSL I would suggest running the cd (without the router plugged in), and following the instructions. You will eventually have to plug the router into the computer and type in your username and password.

Should be straightforward enough.

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Hi ,
Thanks- will try now !!
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