Wireless Router needed

    Needing a router folks (a wireless one) for mrs saxos little brother down the road
    needing one about £30 or so....
    just so i can easily plug it into the fillter and wire up and link up to the laptop



    Netgear are great in my opinion get on of those.

    Had an e-mail from Aria today advertising a wireless modem router for £23.44 + delivery. It's a deal of the day - don't know if they actually have any though. :roll:

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    anyone else?
    i dont really want to be spending £42 from argos on one, is there not anywhere doing deals on netgear at the moment?

    have a look at, and also if his pc or laptop needs a usb wireless adapter let me know I have a brand new one for sale. Will compromise the price if you are interested....take a look at my thread.…ter

    How about a belkin?…CS8
    I have one, they come with a lifetime warranty & good technical support.:thumbsup:

    It £28.79 + pp, might be cheaper in pc world.

    I have a BNIB Netgear DG834G wireless router for sale.
    It comes with 2 microfilters, charger, ethernet cable and modem cable.
    It came with my AOL broadband but I am using a Linksys router so no need to change
    £30 and it's yours. You pay the postage (I think 2nd class wiill cost you £2.49)

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    Are you sure it wont be needing flashed like what the SKY one was

    "Are you sure it wont be needing flashed like what the SKY one was"

    Not sure who this question is addressed to?

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    your one that has the AOL, will it not too need flashe as it might just have the data inside for running on AOL services

    News to me, wasn't aware this was the case.
    There is an AOL installation disk so I assumed that it was a standard wireless router
    Can anyone else confirm this?
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