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Found 18th Dec 2006
Hi guys,

I'm after a wireless modem/router for my ADSL connection. I want to be able to plug this directly into the phone socket with no need for a seperate modem.

Hope to pick one of these up tomorrow from the likes of PC worls/currys/comet etc - can anyone recommend one ??



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Try Staples - they recently had networking clearout, so you might be lucky to grab Netgear ADSL router for 20 quid or so.

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ps - dont need a notebook card, as I have one built into my laptop.

It's going to be used for PC upstairs (wired), laptop (wireless), Xbox 360 (Wireless), Nintendo Wii (Wireless)


there was a second hand Netgear 834gv3 in the for sale forum last week....that's the one I have and it's excellent.

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Found the BT voyager wireless kit in PC word for £50, or a linksys one in Currys for £55 - don;t really need the USB hubs though, just the modem/router.....

Thanks for the input guys

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Also Comet have a Belkin one for £40

Anyone recommend one of the above ?


It is not clear whether Belkin one got ADSL. On Comet page it says RJ11, on PCWorld it shows completely different router and says "DSL connection for cable customers". Huh? Sounds like "swimming for cyclists"

Voyager seems to be OK. Not sure if it is supporting WPA though.

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Think I'll just pop down tomorrow then - can get one off ebay for around £25, but not sure whether I'll get it before xmas..........

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Ended up with the Linksys one -but it's doing my head in lol

I've hard wired it to my PC, and can access the internet etc fine, but as soon as I try to connect with my laptop or PC with USB adapter, I have problems.........

I can connect fine to the router from each, but I cant access the internet ?????

Any Idea's ???


have you checked the Internet Connection settings for PC and Laptop? In IE go to Tools, Internet Options and then Connections. In here you should select the option Never Dial A Connection. That way IE is looking for a Network connection rather than the ADSL one. I am assuming that the USB Adapter is set up OK and that the wireless network connects?
BTW - Make sure that you hide the EES ID of your network and then use WEP 128 Bit encryption password to protect it, otherwise other's will be able to make use of you new found wireless network.

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Is WEP or WPA better ? Would that conflict if the PC or laptop was not compatible ?


Set to WPA if ALL your network devices are compatible. Also go to Wireless Security and restrict access to your laptop MAC address only. Another good idea is to make SSID invisible.

Just don't think that wireless security is secure There was an interesting test on it. WEP-64 was broken in 3 seconds, WEP-128 - in 7 seconds, and WPA in 2 or 3 hours.

Now, to connection problem. Can you ping your router from laptop?
Go to Start->run, type cmd.
In DOS window, type ipconfig
Your IP address should be something like 192.168.xxx.xxx For example,
Take a look at default gateway address. It shoul have same format. In this example, or

Now, type ping "192.168.xxx.xxx" where it is an adress of your router/gateway. What do you see? If there are lost packets, then connection to your router isn't good.

One feature that is often forgot about is the channel settings, by default channel 1 is usually selected in the routers configuration pages. However channel 1 and 11 are the strongest, i have solved many issues by simply changing the channel for 1 to 11.

Alternatively usually no internet connection points to bad username and password within the internet settings. However i doubt this is the case as i'm sure you've already checked this.

Being new to this wireless lark I wonder if anyone can help...My laptop has a wireless switch which if switch on when I turn the laptop on gathers all the wireless items in the vacinty - so I guess this means all I need is a router which I then plug into the modem or phone line and hey bobs your uncle? Or is it more complicated than that - and should I stick to wires

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Right, been through it all, and still cannot see the problem (dont you just hate these things).

Keep getting the error:

You are connected to the access point, but the internet cannot be found.


Have you tried to ping it (see my post above)?


Yes, you can buy a router or access point and then it should work, once you configure it properly.

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Sent = 4 lost = 4

Now I know it's not set up correctly..............

How come it can still connect then ? Cheers for your help mate

OK, so you are not connected to it at all. What is your local IP address and local gateway address? Are they similar? Is DHCP enabled in your router? Is your laptop got DHCP client enabled?

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ignore that last post, that was with my other PC with USB network adaptor......

Right, I'm on the laptop & I have followed your instructions & got:

Packets Sent:4

Recieved: 4

Lost: 0

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Right - Writing this off my laptop !!!

I only changed the security to 64mb WEP & it seems to have worked ??? I know it's not ideal.......

Shall I have a go at changing it to 128 bit WEP or WPA (or just leave it as it is - lol) ??

EDIT: I was too late with an answer.

Now, to WPA things - try to change it on both router and laptop to WPA TKIP (or AES if you wish). You might need to restart your router afterwards.

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Right, I have 3 options !

1. WPA - Personal
2. WPA2 - Personal
3. WPA2 - Mixed

Whats the best ??

WPA2 personal is the best but only if your laptop can support it. If not, then go to WPA personal.
WPA2 Mixed is for networks where you can have both WPA and WPA2 devices.

You might need to upgrade your Windows for WPA2. Read here.

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YAY - connected with WPA Personal - thanks a bunch Kommunist - Rep left

Any chance you could give me a bit of help setting the USB adapter up for the other PC ?? (seen as though your not doing much work today lol)

I am waiting for new door to be delivered, so took a half day off

Go on, connect your another PC It should be pretty straightforward, unless you enabled MAC filtering (which you should do anyway :)). And, BTW, once you've done with settings, disable WiFi setup access to your router and change router admin password to something really weird (but do record it somewhere :)).

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Right, it isn't really a new PC, it's the same one - but wireless !

I'm (eventually), going to have my wireless router hard wired to my Xbox 360 (not paying £60 for a wireless xbox adaptor lol), then it will connect to my Wii wirelessly (built in), to my laptop wirelessly (thats sorted now - thanks again), then to my main PC via a USB network adaptor.

I've setup my USB adaptor and unplugged the ethernet cable from my PC to wireless router, so it is wireless now.

I can find the wireless network, and successfully connect to it, but get a message "You are connected to the access point, but the Internet cannot be found".

Signal strength & quality are 100%

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ps - no MAC filtering setup yet, just want to get it working 1st........ta

Again, try to ping it as described above, set up the WPA, etc.

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All set-up - again, can connect to Access point, but not internet



When I do an IP config, it doesnt have a default gateway, just thought I'd mention that........

I have also looked at the differences in the settings between the PC & Laptop....

Address type on lappy is "Assigned by DHCP", PC is "Automatic Private address"

IP, subnet mask & gateway are also different on PC than on laptop ?

Looks like its not issuing the dhcp, or getting from the router, and just giving you a default one.

Should be something like

Most of the time wireless security is pointless, there are so many free/open points around that simple wep and no broadcast is good enough under lowest hanging fruit rule.

IP and gateway must be on same network (see datamile's post). Network mask in your case should be
Check your router for maximum allowed DHCP clients - sometimes it is set to 1.

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OK, checked router - max DCHP users is 50, subnet mask is as stated above.

Router IP is

In the DCHP, starting IP is

Any ideas on where to go next ?

What is your PC's IP? It should be or if you have some more PCs connected to this router, something like, where xx
If it still won't work, switch your PC to manual IP mode and give it address of; Gateway/DNS; mask

So it should be giving to your laptop if its the only dhcp

you could always do a manual ip config of

and see if that works

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PC Ip is

Subnet is

Gateway is

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OK manually set - just rebooting......

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Excellent !!

Works like a dream. I can even connect to works VPN wirelessly.

I owe you two a nice cold pint if we ever cross paths

Now for the Wii & Xbox lol


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Damn - thought it was too good to be true lol

Just turned off my router, but thought I might as well connect to the PC via Ethernet and forward the ports needed for my xbox 360. But when I turned it back on (still connected wirelessly), it wouldn't connect to the internet !!!

Just rebooting the PC to see if it's cos I turned the modem on/off without rebooting !

I hate working with PC's lol
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