Wireless router required

    My wireless modem router has packed up and I need a new one PDQ, ideally I need to pick in store today, buit next day delivery could be an option. Anyone seen any decent deals out there? I have no wireless n kit so it doesn't have to be high spec.




    Don't see many router deals on here.

    Comet do a decent range.

    Which model are you after?

    Original Poster

    I'm not overly fussed to be honest, just something reliable. I have a cheapy tenda at the moment thats lasted me about 18 months....

    Had fun and games with my router over the weekend. Kept cycling off and on.

    It'd do the power up test, turn on the wireless part and then die, start up etc.

    Struggeled for ages with it, even found out I could switch it to a disagnostic mode (which it seemed stable running). Thought the firmware my have gotten corrupted, so downloaded the latest and managed to flash it in

    Didn't help.

    In the end it turned out to be a dying "wall wart" power supply. Found another one with the right voltage and a higher current rating (12V 1.25A) and we were away!

    Worth checking your power supply?
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