Wireless router to two laptops, advice

    Hi folks, I have snapped up one of the Inspiron 1510 laptops to replace my old Inspiron, I have this connected broadband via a cabled singe router and I would like advice on what I need to buy to enable at least one of these laptops to go wireless.

    Do I simply need to buy an additional wireless router and would this replace the cabled one, I would also like to print of remotely with my printer away from either laptop is this possibe ?.

    Lastly, would any of this wireless setup help me to transfer files from the old laptop to the new.

    Thanks in advance for advice and any products you think I should buy.


    I havent got cable broadband I have ADSL. But I think the wireless router links up to the cable router and then the house has wireless. Wireless printing I think you need some kind of socket thing for the printer so it detects the wireless signals unless its already got wireless built in. And thats all I got to say.

    do you have cable broadband? or adsl?

    you are better off replacing the current router with a wireless one (you could keep it and get a wireless access point instead but you're better off with the one box)

    some routers have a print server facility but they are usually for printers with usb, if you have an older printer with a parallel port then you will have to get a seperate print server to plug into your network.

    have a look on places like etc for suitable products.

    would something like this be of use to you?



    Sorry dead link.

    really? works for me.

    um ]http//ww…en/

    i can use both my laptops wireless or wiht one pluged in, i got the netgear router from aol it replace my old bt broadband thingy that i pluged in, but im still tryn ti figure out how t get my printer wireless
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