I need to get a wireless router as leads and the like are doing me head in. Completely network illiterate so need some help. I am currently stuck between the two below and have noticed that the difference is "G and N". Could someone please explain the difference and which one I should be using for a Virgin Media 10mb connection used for laptop and wii only. Thanks in advance.…429…878


    Go for "N" because it has better coverage.

    ]See here

    you need a Cable Modem router.....AVOID an ADSL Router - it is not compatible with Virgin Cable connections

    If you want to futureproof, then go for the N one - most people will be fine with just the G version - the difference is network speed - N is faster, and if you want to stream Hi Def video files over the network, then go for this.
    Otherwise, go for the G version



    Go for "N" because it has better coverage.]See here

    for the average house, G is fine!


    for the average house, G is fine!

    I used to have a G router, but it would not reach to the garden. The N is better but not perfect.

    N only has better coverage if you have N on both ends, i.e. you need N in the laptop as well to gain the speed and coverage advantage.

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    How do I know what my laptop is? n or g that is.

    1) Find the My Computer Icon (on your desktop or in the Start menu). Right click on My Computer and select Properties.

    2) Click the Hardware tab. Now press the Device Manager button.

    3) Scroll down to Network Adapters and click the + next to it. It will list all the network hardware you have. Look for one with "wireless" in the name. That's your wireless adapter.

    if it doesnt specificaly say in the description, google the model number

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    where do i look in device manager, network adapters?

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    intel r pro wireless 3945abg...its got a g! that any good haha? looked on google but lost again. sorry!

    its a G not an N

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    so getting an n is pointless then?
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