wireless stream ps4 to another room

    Is there anyway to wirelessly atream whats on my ps4 screen to a rv in another room? Can you do jt with chromecast at all? Or would i need playstation tv (heard theres lot of lag on wireless)? Or would i be best just running a long hdmi cable (would need to be 5-10m depending on the route it might have to taks)?
    Looking for the cheapest way of doing this. Thanks Dan


    Can you not just take it into the other room?
    Windows lets you stream it, Ps Vita you can remote access or even your smart phone if you have the app. My friends got a Sony phone and uses his while his lass watches tele

    you would need to buy ps tv.…052?cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59158|cid:200291570|agid:12601535210|tid:aud-144400486596:pla-109048872530|crid:66128556770|nw:g|rnd:9555809501328669897|dvc:m|adp:1o1&gclid=CjwKEAiA0pDBBRCFtoPyguTh8AUSJADNWeux1pSZPnz0M2rm6p4ywtK-PbF77eYRwYJkiG2P8HHC8BoCn5Xw_wcB

    probs not the cheapest price but that was just to show you the item.

    Facetime your PS4

    Hdmi probably best with a splitter. Make sure controller works in other room first though!

    facetime it ?- hahahahahahahahaha best laff ever!!!
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