Wireless streamer.....Is this any good??…740

    I'm a total novice and it seems to good to be true, seen as PC world advertise this sort of thing at £150.

    Anybody know anything about them??



    In a word - rubbish.
    This is MPEG2-only device, just like Hauppauge MVP. Which means, any other format will have to be transcoded in real-time. No UPnP AV or SMB support means that you must run PC all the time to use it (it can't stream from NAS).
    If you want something similar to this, go for Hauppauge MVP, these can be had for 40 quid or so and there is quite serious following.
    If you want something a bit more sophisticated that can play MPEG4 (Divx, XVid, etc) natively then you'll need to buy something more decent. I think that the best device on market now is Netgear EVO8000 but it is oh-so-pricey.

    BTW, if you are interested, I am selling my DLink DSM-320RD (this is not perfect but at least it is UPnP AV device).

    still think xbmc is better then all the other comercial products

    Agree. The only drawbacks are lack of 1080p and digital outputs. And Xbox noise.
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