Wireless surround sound system?

    Can you get these?

    It'd save me putting wires all around my room -

    How much are they like


    They all seem to be around £300+ cheapest i can see is this…=91

    If you want really cheap why not go for some surround sound wireless headphones.........

    Original Poster

    You can get these? Possible to link me please?

    Just found this: Item number: 270192928096 on ebay... comes from Germany but it's under £80 delivered & has a pretty lcd display :lol:


    You can get these? Possible to link me please?

    I looked at surround sound headphones a couple of months ago and ending up getting some Phillips Wireless ones SBCHD1500 They are excellent not as good as decent speakers but the sound is quite immersive (use on xbox 360 and dvd). I don't think you can get them in the UK anymore - I got mine from Germany for around £140 delivered (UK price was around £300)

    There are is a review here…500

    Another possible alternative for wireless (there are several wired) surround is the Sony MDRDS3000. You can get these on and try Ebay as well.
    These are £140 at…tml

    There are cheaper ones like this one…tml
    But they don't take digital imputs so it depends what you're wanting to connect it to......

    Alternatively get a standard 5.1 set (about £20), a 2.1 set (about £10) and an av sender (£24) and instead of using the rear speakers use the 2.1 set through the av sender. Does obviously require wires just not wires from front to back which may be where you want to avoid them? Also a fair bit cheaper!

    I've been giving this one some serious thought.....]http//ww…tml
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