Wireless TV Transmitter

Found 15th Dec 2006
Anyone have any experience of these before I go and buy one?

Just want the option of sky upstairs, not worried about watching the same channel on both TVs, but would like to be able to change the channel from upstairs (so thinking I need an extra sky remote).

Not too fussed if its not extremely high quality.

What I am worried about is it interfering with the wireless broadband, can you switch channels on the wireless?

Anyone got any info they can share with me, or good systems you may have?

Thank you!
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I'd also be interested in this, had a system years ago that allowed me to use a remote upstairs and was fully wireless (did need an extra remote) but it got lost over time and now I want to find a similar thing.

I had a TCM (Tchibo) wireless AV transmitter with IR link some time ago. It worked quite well but occasionally interfered with WiFi and even microwave. It had a IR transmitter with sticker, which supposed to be attached to cable or sat receiver IR window.
My mums got one, worked for about a week....
I got a Video Sender (also known as a av sender and other name too) from Aldi in Nov for £19.99 and want another one its so good. The make was Tevion and works a trat. Can't get any more at Aldi but other brands are available at a higher price. One at Amazon for £38 (amazon.co.uk/Mar…ics)
but have seen cheaper on the TESCO website but have heard it does not work so well.
My parents have got something like this,you can change the sky channels from another room that the skybox is in.
they are delighted with it,it works very well,and because they live in a large house and they are not as young as they used to be,it saves a hike up and down the stairs each time to change the channels.

I think they got an engineer in to wire aerial cable to each room with a tv(they had an extension built) so sky could be seen on each tv,he did the work and included this remote jobby for £60 all in.

my dad seemed very pleased with the price,and he is a tight wad!!
cost me £19.99 all in from Aldi - so basic to install, I'm a tight wad?
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