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    i bought a new wireless usb adapter for my desk top as my son has taken the wireless router to play xbox live in his room. i connected the adapter and installed the driver but it says iam not able to access internet . i called the tiscali provider they were on the phone for more than one hour and not able to fix it and said its problem with my adapter can any one help me please .


    The first question for you is can your PC see the router when you try and make connection.

    If you using vista select the start icon, then on the r/h menu select connect to, this should then bring up another screen showing what routers are in range.

    If you can see your router move your mouse arrow over it and a small text screen should appear saying the name of the router and if it is unsecured or secured (will say on the lines of wpa or open).

    The next step can be gone through once it is known if your router is secured or open.

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    after installing driver and adapter the pc recognise the wire less adapter but it is connecting intermittently and says awaiting for network address ,my computer has xp .i thought it is an easy process but spent hours on it yet failed

    Could be anything most common is weak signal, I would of recommended a internal card which is normally around same price or even a few quid cheaper and simple to install.

    While your PC is reconising the wireless adaptor, you need to find out if the adaptor can pick up your router.

    Can you find the network connections icon or you may have a icon like 2 TV's over lapping each other on the bottom r/h side of the bottom tool bar (by the loud speaker volume icon is)

    If you double click this does it show your router and is it showing you are connected to the router or trying to connect. to it.

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    i have green coloured histogram like icon going grey and green on and off and also says connected and disconnected intermittently.if green coulered it says connected and immediately changes grey. i do not know whether i can return the product

    Thats signal then its like 5 blocks that are grey, but the signal is shown by them turning green, the more that turn green the higher the signal.

    Not a fault of the adaptor just the signal is too weak from its aerial

    Well it could be faulty but more likely to just be aerial only other way to try is to borrow the router for a few minutes and put it closer to pc to see if it goes up.

    When you set up the connection did you enter some thing like a long alpha numeric numer (up to 26 digits), it may well be the router is set to a secure connection and you are trying to connect via a open connection.

    When the icons are showing green the adaptor and the router are trying to connect, then switches to grey when they are disconnected on rejection of the security code.
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