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    Can i buy any old USB wireless adapter and whack it into my PC. The PC in question is an ancient Dell running XP SP2. Anyone got any cheap adapters that they found effective and easy to setup/use. Needs to be able to support WPA2 encryption


    max u will get is 11mbps, if it only has usb1. That's approx 1Mbyte by the way, but you will only get about 500Kbyte/sec in reality. Better to buy a cheap pci wifi card, or a mult usb2 pci and then use those ports to handle the faster speed. for your usb wifi.

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    my speeds not that fast in the first place. i just basically want to get internet on the desktop again. doesnt really matter how fast per second. so would any adapter work then?

    Should do, I used to use a 54mbs usb adapter with an old Toshiba laptop (Pentium 1) and it was fine

    [FONT=Verdana]If you can confirm the model of the Dell desktop system, then you can confirm what slot types are available within it for installing wireless PCI/PCI-E controller cards that are on the go.

    Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]
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