Found 16th Jan 2006

I've ordered myself a wireless router from the bt shop through the phone and will get it on Wednesday the 18th of Jan. All I need now is a good usb adapter. BT have one on their website but its for £29.99…177 Click here for BT USB

Does anyone know where I can get a good, reliable adapter for a price smaller than £29.99?


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I've got 2 of the Belkin ones that Big K has put down and I can say they are fab. I've had no problems at all. If I did, I wouldn't be typing this.

Belkin wireless kit is very good. I've got a pre-n router from belkin and it's excellent

hi just thought i'd warn u about bein careful with the router an usb.

got a billion wireless router modem for the flat, but signal was droppin off just one room away ...

so am returnin it an goin for a Netgear Rangemax MIMO router supposed to have much better signal, , an longer range.

their USB wireless reciever also supposed to pick up more signals aswell, dunno how well it'll work an it is quite pricy but will give u a shout about the results when i get it.

just saw this aswell.. a cheaper option for u
Belkin USB adaptor for £17.74 or £15 used

Since when 17.74 is cheaper than 14.99?

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Thanks guys but I ordered the Bt one off eBay for £36 for two inc delivery!

Would anyone explain what USB adapter means? I would like some rooter to get the second cop. on the net .,but no idea how to do it. Is USB something I will need for this. I feel a bit left out not having a clue what you are talking about guys.
Thanks in advance for the trouble reading this.

USB adapter is basically small Wireless (WiFi) external card, which can connect your PC to wireless Access Point. Access Point can be Wireless router, standalone device or even another PC (in this case it is called ad-hoc mode).
There are two ways you can get your PC connected to wireless network:
1. PCI adapter (or PCMCIA if you got laptop).
Generally these are faster and consume less CPU power.
You need to have basic IT skills because you'll need to open PC and insert card. It also may invalidate your PC's warranty.

2. USB adapter.
Easy to install. Those that come with USB cable are easy to position for getting best signal.
Take more CPU power, reduce overall USB bandwidth (remeber - 480Mbps on USB2 is shared)


Since when 17.74 is cheaper than 14.99?

When the £14.99 price shows up as £19.99 in your basket :shock:

Now £14.99 at Dixons USB Adaptor Here for collect in-store

Except they don't do collect in-store :roll: doh!


When the £14.99 price shows up as £19.99 in your basket :shock:

But as I said previously - go to PCWorld and collect it for free So it is still cheaper and no need to wait for delivery.

It's showing as £19.99p from PCWorld now from here :?

Looks like they changed price. It was 14.99 when I posted link to PCWorld But anyway, the topic starter got one anyway

Does anyone know if you can use an ordinary wireless USB adapter in an XBOX 360???? or do you have to buy the xbox 360 one at £60 odd pounds???

Someone out there must have tried a normal one if so let me know please

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