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    Hey, does anyone know the best Offline and Online place (one of each) to get one of those usb dongle things to pick up wireless internet?



    hi i rang pcworld for a netgearWG111,THE PRICE IS £24.99 in store but he reserved it for me for £14.99 to collect in store

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    Thanks for that....been on their website...might go for this one...…id=

    Any objections?

    Also, where is the best/cheapest place to get network cables? I didnt realise they were quite expensive....would have thought they'd be mass produced and cheap as chips!!

    just type it in ebay mate. i got one for about a fiver a year or two ago and it gives me a very fast connection and is still working right now. Even if it does break after a year or so- its still only a fiver.
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