Wireless Video/Audio Senders

    I am looking to purchase a wireless video/audio sender. These units allow you to transmit the picture and sound from one room to another.
    If anyone has used one of these devices could you answer a few questions?

    How good is the picture quality?
    Will this interfere with the signal for a wireless computer network?



    These are useless apparently ... just switching the microwave on messed up the reception !

    The ones that I have seen transmit on exactly the same frequency range as the wireless routers (2.4GHz). You would need to tweak the settings for both devices to try an minimise interference. I don't think you'd be able to remove it entirely though.

    Here is one cheap method to minimise it though - buy some pringles and then follow the instructions >>>here<<<


    just tidying up my link

    On most video / audio senders and recievers you have a choice of three channels you can transmit at.... If one of these interfere with your router etc, the other ones shouldn't.

    Only one way to find out, try it!!! :lol:

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice.

    I think I will stick to an of the shelf product than having a go my self.

    Chicken :P

    The channels that the devices communicate on are the "tweaking" I was suggesting. The probem is that they are very close together, so that even if you move from the "first" channel up to the "fourth" there is still some interference. And like Cyrus said there are plenty of other devices around your house that will cause interference anyway. Do you have a cordless phone? the DECT ones operate in the same range as your router and TV sender too.

    Sorry to be the voice of doom and gloom on this but in all likelihood your tv reception will suffer much more than your internet will.

    My next question is... do you watch tv and surf at the same time?
    If you're watching tv and the computer is off there should be minimal interference.

    However, if you have a "full house" then playing Battlefield 2 is defintiely going to wreck the reception for the kids watching Family guy.


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    I appreciate any comments good or bad. I do watch tv and surf at the same time, as well as having a cordless phone. If these communication devices are as useless as you and Cyrus say, I think I will use the old fashion method of cables.

    Thanks for your help


    I don't know how bad they are. I am just speaking on my own experience of interference between the router and the DECT phone.
    But after a quick search i do think you are beter with the wired version. The cost of these systems is ok if you are not overly concerned about the performance. Since I am gaming online there must be nothing to interfere with my connection.


    >>>here too<<<


    Original Poster

    Excellent links, thanks.
    You wouldn’t have reviews for any upper range models on this site?



    Going to have to admit that I've reached the limit of my knowledge of these guys. I don't even watch TV any more :P

    But while cruising for reviews I may have found some people to > help <

    Happy deal hunting.


    Original Poster

    I appreciate all you help its been very helpful, and another great link.

    Hope they can point you in the right direction.

    If you want a nice link check this one out >flexible screens<

    Would that be flexible enough for your needs? Instead of sending the signal to a different tv, just roll up the screen and take it with you! I'm a bit of a technophile, but this setup is just lovely.
    Unfortunately it can only do pure black or white, but colour models are being researched at the moment. I think they work but can't get the manufacturing cost down yet.
    As soon as they're cheap enough I'll be posting links galore here for them :lol:



    We got a cheap one from argos a while back and that works fine, i also recently got a wireless router and havent had any problems.
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