wireless Xbox 360

    Can anybody go through what would be needed to set up a wireless gaming on the Xbox 360 in non tech terms?

    What device would I need? Ive got a wirless router at home for pc use. Whats the cheapest/best wireless receiver for the Xbox 360



    i got official xbox 360 wireless adaptor from comet for 48.99.. I got sick looking for anything cheaper i even looked on ebay but didnt fancy taking risk ( get guarantee with comet )...... this def works as i have wireless router for pc its downstairs and xbox 360 is upstairs and it picks up ok. **never see my son now**


    **never see my son now**

    yeah the xbox does that sometime lol


    the price listed above for the wireless bridge is good for a brand new one :thumbsup:

    once brought all you will need to do is start a connection test from the dashboard main menu (under console settings = network settings) after you connect the device to your xbox.

    after test input your password to connect to your router.

    do another connection test and i should be working.

    if not post on here again and i will try and help you out :thumbsup:

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    £48.99 seems very expensive. Im not sure how much ill use it as ive a few friends who say xbox live isnt really that great

    anybody know of anything much cheaper?

    There is the Belkin Wireless Bridge for £14.91. I haven't had any experience with it personally, but I gather it's better than the official adapter because it uses the ethernet port rather than USB. But it's rather clunky in comparison, and it's more difficult to set up.

    In my opinion, Xbox Live is excellent, and well worth the subscription. But it depends on which games you have I guess.

    By the way, if you happen to have a wireless enabled computer near your Xbox, you could use that as your wireless bridge with a little bit of setting up.

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    I have a wireless latop that i could place near the Xbox!!

    what would i need and what steps to run it through the laptop?

    I hvae one of those belkin adaptors which all the wireless internet systems run off in our house. Im guessin you meant buy another one and use it as a bridge? not sure how easy it would be to set up though

    What operating system are you using?

    You just need a crossover cable, I think you'll have got one with your Xbox.

    In response to your edit:

    By Belkin adaptor, I presume you mean a wireless router, to which your computers are connected? The link that I posted is something different. The method I'm suggesting doesn't need any more hardware (other than a crossover cable).

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    Ive got windows vista on a dell laptop thats about 8 months old

    i got the arcade version of the xbox - there isnt any wires in tbe box. looks like i would need to get one.

    any ideas which one?

    Yeah, you'll need a crossover (not patch) network cable. Something like this. They'll likely be available cheaper elsewhere, just don't go and get one from Dixons or PC World and get ripped off! In fact, there's a good chance you were supplied one with your router, although you may be using it for something else.

    And you'll need to follow this guide.

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    thank you so much for your help!!

    you have just saved me the best part of £50 by not having to get the wireless adaptor!!!

    Let me know when you get it working! From what I gather, it won't work with all computers, but fingers crossed! Also, I just had a quick look through that guide, and I couldn't see anything related to the Xbox settings. I think you have to set everything to automatic and it should work.

    STrange I posted and it didnt show up, yeah get the Belkin as it woks with anything ethernet based, Gamecube, PS2 XBOX even a PC without a wireless adaptor is made wireless with it.

    Or you can share the internet connection from your laptop but it only works when the laptop is powered on obviously.

    Once you are connected you should also test your network connection - there is a option to do this on the xbox dashboard. Pay particular attention to the bit that says "NAT" - it should say it is open. If not you may have to look a port forwarding......

    Is it possible to get an open NAT using an network bridge? I was under the impression that moderate was the best that it could be.

    Buy some powerline adapters, and put the signal through your mains to your xbox


    Is it possible to get an open NAT using an network bridge? I was under … Is it possible to get an open NAT using an network bridge? I was under the impression that moderate was the best that it could be.

    Don't know about bridges - I have the MS adaptor........ However you can have problems with some games if your NAT is test is moderate.

    Ah, sorry, I thought you were referring to the method I suggested.

    My setup has a moderate NAT, and it's ok most of the time, but sometimes it won't let me connect to my friend's parties, which can be very frustrating.

    I've been looking into getting the MS adapter, how is it in terms of performance? I've heard that you sometimes get lag spikes.

    The MS adapter is great. I've been using it for the last few days compared to ICS on a PC. You don't need a crossover cable to link to a PC by the way.
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