Wireless xbox live without adapter?

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Found 18th Jul 2008
Ive just come across a guide on ebay, anyone know what it entails?


Connecting your 360 to a wireless laptop with a wire.
getting a third party wireless adapter.


I think you can bridge your laptop with teh 360 which works as a wireless adaptor


All the eBooks on eBay you will find here for free floodle.net/

firstly don't buy the guide - do a bit of google searching - or search on here for xbox wireless bridge etc
otherwise, there are other connectivity options such as a long ethernet cable (£5 -£10 off ebay) or homeplug adaptors using the house mains wiring to make the cct (£40+) you can, as suggested set u bridge via a laptop - someone posted about this the other day on misc forum

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thanks for the replies =) , i think ill stick with the ethernet

The easiest way is to share it as said, what I did was have a wireless connection on PC(or a laptop is fine) then use the ethernet port to connect pc and 360(or any console I think) and it works.

Now I just use ethernet.
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