Posted 19th Feb 2022
3892269_1.jpghey guys, so ive took down my old lorex 2mp nvr camera system as it was playing up, im going to give the above motion tracking camera a go as ive just redecorated and moved my lads bedroom around and dont want all the leads on show now his desk has moved and wont hide them anymore.
i dont have any power source on the house wall where camera is going so i want to run 3 core cable from the cameras built in junction box to a 3 pin plug but what fuse do i use ? the manual doesn't mention its power usage but i cant imaging the flood light draws too much power being LEDs although they are pretty bright at 3k lumens.
also are general rolls of cable waterproof so long as connections each end are kept dry in junction box and house ? or do i need weather proof cable ? never wired anything outside!
thanks in advance
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