wirleless network


    i am cruently on a wired network and i am thinking of getting a wirless router does any one knowhow will i get my ssid and wep code? so i can set it up



    The SSID and WEP are configured on the wireless router, and the defaults will be either on the router itself, or in the manual. You can change them both once you receive it.

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    Cheers for that it dos sound easy enough thanks


    Cheers for that it dos sound easy enough thanks

    It is best summed up thus -

    dont use WEP go for WPA

    I would question your reasons for going wireless first

    Wireless is half the speed of a full duplex 100mbps wired connection

    Wireless is half-duplex so all "advertised" speeds are 1/2 that plus signal strength degradation
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