Wirless modem router

    Have had a linksys and netgear and also a d-link router in the past
    I have a bt line and the router has a adsl modem built in.

    I prefered the netgear DG834G as it was easy to set up and worked fine wired and wireless and with my sons ps3 and wii etc

    thinking of getting a wireless n now and would like to know which make you guys have/prefer and why
    who makes the best routers in your opinion
    dont want a fanboy war just a general opinion


    I use an Edimax Wireless N ADSL. Never rebooted it once and it comes with a CD to set up without logging into the router OS. Always liked Edimax stuff.

    It does have a minor thing with some Wireless G dongles (Netgear), where a certificate can not be delivered to PC. To get past it, you have to select the correct Passkey type on the computer for the WPA security (not AES). Never had any problems with Wireless N Cards.

    Go to and check out the reviews of people there.…477

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    thanks will have a look

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    thanks dcx_badass
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