Found 6th Dec 2017
Evening everyone,

I've recently being getting some advertising emails from Wish.com and they look to be a bargain site (like gearbest) but there's not any dealsposted on here. Is there a reason for that? It's not banned or renowned for bad experience is it?

Thank you
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Well scam advisor indicates they're high risk for starters. Found an article about them that says Wish.com only acts as a storefront, but doesn’t sell items directly. And if you need to get Wish.com involved, many customers have complained that they weren’t much help.
From reviews they mainly advertise cheap quality goods that may never arrive. Website operating out of the USA
I’ve bought a number of things from there. All come from the Far East. It’s all cheap stuff which does the job for shoes, clothes etc. Wouldn’t get anything electrical like a projector or anything from there though.
Check the delivery charges too changes per item

You can usually get the same from banggood, focalprice, DX , heartbeat for similar direct too
I purchased from them.... nothing came, fair do's they refunded me straight away when I contacted them. Also said should it arrive, keep, no problem.
Ordered stuff from there before loads of times. Always arrived.
My son has bought about 10 items of clothing from Wish. All arrived but about half were to small. Refunded on these items immediately and got to keep them. Now in the charity shop.
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