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Hello, someone suggested this website to me - wish.com - and I was just wondering if anyone had had any dealings with and whether it's any good or not, or just a scam? Cheers....
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Hi I have used wish for a couple of years and it's just like ebay except they are all from overseas.. mostly China.
I've had some amazing bargains and a few dud buys but the site over all seems well managed. on the odd event I've had a problem with an order I contact them and it's sorted really fast.. better than ebay I must say. the only down side is you really can be waiting over a month sometimes for orders although I've had a few come within 2 weeks.
Hope that helps
it's OK but find what u like type it into eBay it's often cheaper than wish with free p&p wish make their money pretending to pay massive shipping. eBay is better all same products also gear best all same stuff free postage.
hope this helps plus wish If they don't have your item send you something close and won't refund you. Never happens with eBay garuntee you are protected... with my item hasn't arrived in help section.
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I've never used it myself as I'm overly cautious by nature with online stores in general, specially any seller outside of the UK. But my kid of 16yrs old has had loads of stuff delivered from them without issue in recent months. Enough so that I might buy something off them if I need it and is right for the price.
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