Wish.com trustworthy?

Found 19th Apr 2016
Has anyone bought from wish.com before. Some of their stuff seems far too cheap to be for real.They seem mediocre on trustpilot but I'm not sure whether they are legit or not. I can't see how some of the prices can be that cheap.
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I've purchased things from there and they turn up, however it's not the best quality and takes forever to actually come
I'm guessing no as your deal got deleted
Bought a few things and its Chinese cheap crap but they do their job and don't last long. Postage takes a while coming from China
No problem with them. I've complained about the quality and got a full refund no hassle.,didn't have to return the item just take a photo x
trustworthy yeah,quality leaves a lot to be desired on many things,however I did purchase a blank key for my scenic and after getting it programmed it is identical in every way to the one supplied by Renault but cost 250 quid less
I've used them quite a few times now and as mentioned quality isn't the best and delivery takes ages but everything I've ordered has turned up
just have a good think about what you're actually ordering before you buy it
I've actually used the site a lot in the past few weeks, mainly for the gym tights, cheap and do the job, also ensures no else in the gym has them so pretty cool. items take for ages to arrive so be aware of this, quality is what you would expect, if something is £2 including delivery from China then that do you expect, you pay for what you get,
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