Found 4th Dec 2016
I don't know whether to get this game I'm not a fan of RPG but all I hear is rave reviews of this one? if it's accessible for a newbie I'll give it a go...


When you start the game, regardless of being a newbie or a pro, everyone are unskilled in the game. The more you progress you'll feel it that you've actually become better and better yourself. It's an action RPG so it's a very digestible genre for majority to be accepted and loved.

It is a very well thought through game, with excellent story and playability. Conversation between characters are very enyoable and funny sometimes. Go for it, you won't be disappointed

It's a great game no doubt but I gotta say, it's a slow starting game and that has put off many people before.

I think the game is great but it has some issues for me. It has really bad loading times (unless theyve patched it up since i last played it) and the main story isn't quite as good as the side quests which is weird. Other than that its a really cool adventure.

it's simply one of the best RPGs ever made. everyone should play it

sharpedges is spot on

Its the 3rd game in the series, i played 2 but not one, but even i keep asking who is this? who is that? It can be enjoyable even for new comer but only if you not the kind of person that need to know exactly who is who.

The world is beautiful and masterfully crafted, and side quest is the most in-depth and interestingly written i ever seen in a rpg game where you would normally expect simple fetch quest. but the combat is average at best with dance-cy movement that teleport you to perfect distant to the mob to play the attack animation.

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