****** with Littlewoods Direct

i ordered Little Big PLanet last week (friday) hoping i would get a sackboy figure as someone mentioned they had some instock...during the week someone posted they recieved thier 2 copies of LBP and also recieved the 2 sack boy figures...now this indiviual ordered after me and recieved before me...which i found weird...

anyway i received my copy 2day and guess what no sackboy and found out i been charged £34.00 when i used the £10 off voucher, rang them and they told me it will be taken off when my statement arrives now the total is £24.00 but plus £3.95 for delivery....

but to make matters worse just checked the latest deals on HUKDs and guess what???

Amazon selling it for £21.62

REALLY ****** !!!!!!!

please help, does anyone know what the returns conditions are for Littlewoods Direct???


don't get me started on littlewoods direct:x:x

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so i wont get a full refund??

I got mine from Marshall Ward about 3 weeks ago - £41 for 2 together (£30 off £60 spend voucher)

Both copies had a Sackboy packed-in.

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i hope so...might give them a ring to get them to pick it up...

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just spoke with them and they'll pick it up on monday but the person i spoke to told me to place the return note in the packaging and but the address label on the package...i know where the return note is but where the hell is the address label?

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anyone know how to return games? do i just return the all piece of paper that came with the game? this paper has WAREHOUSE USE ONLY on it, its got none of my details or prices on it...

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usually beside the return label, if not put the address on … usually beside the return label, if not put the address on yourself:thumbsup:

100% sure there is no address label on the piece of paper i recieved...it doesn't even say littlewoods, it only says littlewoods on the packaging where my address is...
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