withdrawals from bet365

    So i deposited £10 with my credit card (couldnt find my debit card at the time)

    I have won £108 and want to withdraw this but not to my credit card!

    I have spoken to bet365 but they are saying they can only send it back to my credit card :@

    Does anyone know anyway around this?


    There isn't, it's something to do with money laundering laws

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    There isn't, it's something to do with money laundering laws

    On other betting sites it lets you choose different options so cant be a law surely...

    Yeh I think you have to transfer 10 pounds back to the credit card, then add your debit card deposit 10 pounds and then with draw the balance to the debit card. It's to stop people transferring money between two different accounts

    Add your debit card then withdraw.

    If you have deposited £10 by Xcc card, you need to withdraw £10 to that card. After that, you are able to withdraw to whatever means you have verified on the account.

    Sparxuk beat me to it....

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    I withdrew £10 to the account i deposited with but when I go to withdraw the rest it says they need to speak to me about the withdrawal as it may be split between payment methods

    Have you deposited anything with the debit card?

    Who in their RIGHT mind bets/gambles with credit cards
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    it if £100 in free bets you have to gamble £500 or something to get it changed back into withdrawable cash!!

    add £20 with debit card and that should be lead card so can withdraw to that


    Who in their RIGHT mind bets/gambles with credit cards

    Perhaps the OP is match betting.
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    is there not a way to invoice yourself in paypal for the amount you want to withdraw - pay It with your credit card, withdraw the bet365 balance to your credit card, then withdraw from paypal to your debit card..

    Similar to what kjcocat said but if you know somebody that has a business you could just transfer it to your credit card then ask them to put a £108 transaction though on your credit card and give you the cash. I've done this for a friend when he got compensation paid back to his credit card
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