wmiprvse.( dont rem whts after tht) infected

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Found 4th Jan 2010
suddenly i receive soo many msgs like this and few others saying cannot be executed... what does it means?
and im getting msg saying computer is infected ..... really scared now.
can anyone here suggest where i can download free anti virus?

pls pls pls let me know... ive been buying stuff online...



download spybot search and destroy and do a scan

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i just read it... honestly... i dont understand what is it... the only thing tht cought my eyes was trojan... as it is usually very dangerous? am i right? does tht mean im infected by trojan?

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download spybot search and destroy and do a scan

where do i get this?

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im getting this msg -

Antivirus Software Alert
Attack from, port 62248
Attacked port: 17861
Threat: win32/nugel.e

saying its a password stealing attack, a trojan dropper or similar....

what shud i do...


Personally (and I'm not very good with computers) but I would delete all temporary internet files first

Sounds to me like you have whats known as scareware. This is a program which randomly throws up fake virus / trojan/ attack alerts along with a "click here" message. When you follow it's advise, it takes you to a web page which promises to fix your problems at a price.

The whole things a scam......the only virus is the one generating the alerts.

Rather than me go into a long winded explanation, I'd recommend downloading Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from /]http//ww…rg/ and do a full scan.

Don't panic too much. Just remember the alerts are fake and you are not being attacked by a multitude of virii or trojans or internet hackers.

For more info have a look at this ]http//en…are

My brother often gets these as he has no concept of safe web surfing and goes around clicking links like a maniac.

Do all the scans people suggest and afterwards make sure you have a firewall, virus checker and possibly spyware checker installed. Then maybe get hold of a free browser called 'Firefox' and install something called 'noScript' into it that blocks all those naughty little (possibly) infected banners and gubbins that are around now unless you allow a site.


whats wrong with the antivirus software you are currently using?
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