WMP12 Library Corrupted, help please


    Have been messing around with this for ages and it's annoying me now. I use my 360 to stream files from my PC, I haven't had a problem with it since installing Windows7 but now it seems to be playing up, if i add a file to the folder that is set to share it won't show up on my 360, i've created lots of different folders and moved them all around but it's still like it was before.

    I gather that WMP's library is used when streaming and if it isn't in the library then it won't show up, i've ran the troubleshooter and it just says "Library Corrupted" which is not of great use!! I removed all off my videos from the library, created new folders and copied them into them, now i cannot add the videos back to the library!!

    You don't seem to be able to uninstall WMP and start again, don't really want to have to uninstall Win7 and start again, anyone any advice before i pull all of my hair out!!!

    Much appreciated


    just type wmp12 library corrupt into google and there are loads of isues with windows 7 beta and wmp libraries getting corrupted
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