Wntd - Car radio for use with ipod

    my stupid goodmans GCE7207i just stopped working.
    looking for a car radio that I can hook my ipod up to.
    don't need anything else as we don't use CD's/tapes ect

    any ideas on the best price for one?


    :whistling: TRY ALDI OR LIDL :whistling:

    try [url][/url] if lidl or aldi don't have them... my personal solution would be a carboot sale to buy a tape deck model then buy a tape aux convertor thing.... thats how i've done it, they cost a couple of quid usually.

    try clearancebargains-uk on ebay they sell old argos stock, I got a panasonic headunit with stereo jack input for about £30 a while ago.

    They often have bluetooth units too.

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