wntd ghostbusters ps3

    have noticed there havent been any posts on Ghostbusters for the ps3, has any1 played it yet and what do they think of it, also where is the best place to buy it from?


    According to my other half, it's a brilliant game but really hard! I pre-ordered it for him from Amazon and it was around the £35 mark. Couldn't find it anywhere cheaper than that.

    it is meant to be one off the worst programmed games on ps3 ever. Google some honest reviews

    I remember it was great back on the ZX Spectrum.... But that was a few years ago now....

    No doubt still better than the PS3 version :P


    It's fine. Very linear game, but that's because it's "the official sequel". Gameplay is fun, but I expect after I've finished it I'll be selling it on/trading it in. It's no Fallout 3.
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